The website is different than others as it is for everyone, not only for professionals!

Project description's target is to support the fast growing sailor community around the world. This group's average age is over 50 years old and often not very familiar with computers. Many of them are German speaking so we wrote the site first in German.

This group wants to have two things during their travels: they want to let the family at home know where they are and they also want to connect with other clubs as members are in different places. f they arrive, for example, in the Fiji islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it's nice to meet a friend to talk with and exchange information about the new country. is a site developed to share information about long distance cruising and includes a Joomla! community using Community Builder. We spent a lot of time searching for a solution to our position reporting problem. We decided to try for several reasons.

We researched some competitors of as well, but the first answer we got was from They also answered all our questions! As we say: you never get a second chance to make a first impression! This impression we never lose.

The Geocode Factory solution from is easy to handle. Not only for setup, but more importantly, in our case, is it easy to understand when your first contact with Geocode Factory is on a CB Tab! Just drop your cursor where you are and that's it! With the radius search you can easily find each boat across the entire globe. Just zoom in with the mouse weel and here we are!

That is what we need!

If it sounds too easy, in reality we had some problems understanding how it works. However, with the support from it was always easy to find the answer. And I'll never forget the funny e-mail conversation with support team!

So got the easy to use Geocode Factory from with great support!


Here you can see the boat position in a Community Builder Profile :



Here you can see the global position of all registered boats across the world. You can enter a country or a city, to see what crews are in the given radius:



In the same map, you can also select a radius then pick a point on the map to see who is in this radius, plus get a list of results below the map with the distance from center! (here in Nautical Miles) :



By clicking on the marker, or the result list, you see the bubble with some information about the boat, crew, ... :

globalsail_04 's review

Congratulations on a very unique project! This case study shows us that only our imagination is the limit with Geocode Factory. We never imagined this application for our product. Very impressive.....a case study which we are very proud of!

Z. Rick