privas01The aim of Iziclic was to create a Web site for the 160 storekeepers of a city (Privas) in less than two months.

The purpose was to have an interactive directory, allowing to find the storekeepers by research, by category, and with interactive maps.

Given expected deadline and cost, Iziclic thus chose the CMS JOOMLA!, and  two major tools:

1. The Sobipro component was chosen for its numerous possible parameters, Iziclic having already used the Sobi2 component for another site. Sobipro, although slower and less complete than SOBI2, is compatible with Joomla 1.7.

2. To complete Sobipro, only one component was effective, adjustable and customizable enough to correctly display maps with sobipro: Geocode Factory.

Indeed, with Geocode Factory, it was possible to use the Sobipro entries geographical position, in order to display them on maps by category, and to personalize their appearance: list of entries (see capture), customization of markers by category, customization of the bubbles (tabs and illustrations), streetview integration... Also, thanks to the ability to have several directories on the same site with Sobipro, Geocode Factory allows for having entirely different maps (size,contents, markers, bubbles) for different car parks of the city...

In the end, 30 days were enough for proposing a complete, professional and effective directory :

Some refinements and improvements are still possible due to the evolving features of of Geocode Factory. For example displaying the map in the sobipro search results as well as the possibility of displaying a non-Google map!




Each list is built automatically and the style (color, text, borders) can be applied with CSS.



Selection of the markerset (s) to display by clicking in the list (multiselect), of course without page reload.



Clicking on any item from the lists will show it on the map (in this capture : 'Pharmacie du centre' in the green list 'Santé').



And of course the bubble's second tab contains the Google street-view to display real photos at street level! Note the usage of the Openstreet map.'s review

We congratulate Iziclic on this very successful integration of our product....particularly on the use of lists of markers and category list. The strength of Geocode Factory has really been shown!