Trabalhadores Independentes is a Portuguese web site created to help freelancers and micro-businesses to find work. It covers a wide range of professions and services typically performed on a freelance basis.

It uses Community Builder in order to provide a personal profile to professionals where they can advertise their services, skills, curriculum, photos and videos of their work, etc., in a way they may conquer their potential clients' trust.

One of the main features of the project is that all workers and businesses are displayed through markers on professional/geographical maps. This way, clients may find and hire someone close to them, with all the advantages that such fact has in terms of time and money saving.

bubbleGeocode Factory was the extension chosen to perform the geotagging and to produce the professional maps for Trabalhadores Independentes as it was the only one that assembled all the functions needed.The maps are based on a Community Builder field (the profession category field), and a different map is created for each different profession or activity, although professionals can belong to several professional categories and therefore their marker may be shown on several maps. Besides showing professionals on maps, another useful feature of this extension was the possibility to list them by alphabetical order, giving the user two ways of searching.


MapBesides its functionality, Geocode Factory is very flexible in terms of design, especially where the marker pop-up bubble are concerned. There we put two Community Builder fields, the professional avatar, a link to their profile and customized the look through CSS in a way that it became very coherent with all the site layout.


Until now Trabalhadores Independentes is proving to be an interesting option for those searching for work, having more than 250 subscribers in less than one month, and we think that that is in great extent due to Geocode Factory and the innovative features it provides. 's comment

"Congratulations to the Trabalhadores Independentes team for this great product integration! The philosophy and the power of Geocode Factory is expertly used!"