This case study is about a new match making website for businesses and individuals who need to hire people on a casual or part-time basis.


It is essential with the prevailing current global economic climate and demand on vital fuel resources that work of this type employs people form the local geographic area where possible, cutting resource cost and commuting overhead. However, finding a local person to do a job is not always easy.

They could be living just a couple of streets away, but how do you find them?’s concept makes finding them possible by displaying a powerful, intelligent and user interactive online map of people with the specific skills being searched for. is more than just a recruitment website, It about building a working community and understanding the skills that people have in your local geographic area. has been developed using the Joomla CMS and Community Builder software. After extensive research into the available options, GeoCode Factory from was selected above the competition to provide the essential Geo Mapping aspects of’s main feature map.


GeoCode Factory is a Joomla component, which enables the integration of Google Maps into a Joomla developed website. The map can be placed on website pages using either the component page control or the provided GeoCode module. Backend controls within GeoCode Factory provide a good set of options for map and marker-set control and fully integrate with Community Builder data fields on which custom marker-set filters can be created. The front-end display possibilities are extensive with customization for marker design, bubble content, map size and control styles, radius search, marker-set selection, locate position, save position and reset position.

GeoCode Factory from provided nearly all of the required features for’s Geo Mapping needs, in the currently available release. However, an enhancement was identified to display marker-sets beyond what was currently possible using the back-end control filters in GeoCode Factory.

MyJoom’s development team were commissioned by to make the required custom development additions to their GeoCode Factory component to enable the display of individual users on multiple category marker-sets. The custom development requirement from, was responded to very rapidly by the MyJoom team; requirement analysis, development, testing and deployment were all executed quickly and efficiently, resulting in the commissioned enhancements being release in a very short period of time.

With the new GeoCode Factory enhancements implemented, it is now possible to show individual profiles on multiple marker-sets to display the users available skills on the website feature map. Thanks to GeoCode Factory and the excellent custom development skills of the MyJoom team, can now provide the powerful, intelligent and user interactive online map experience that was looking to achieve.

All Workers map


Administration filter applied


Front-end radius applied