lfg-logoLivingforgolf is a web site that is still in development it is a fast growing golf course database with the project looking to add every golf course in Great Britain. The website is currently using Joomla 2.5 with various modules and extensions. We are currently using phpbb free open source bulletin board software for our forums which has been fully modified to give the forums a golf theme.


Why this website

This case-study is to show how and why the Back to Normandy website was built. This website has existed for 10 years. The site originally started to publish my music about D-Day. I shared the small videos I made during the commemorations (with the veterans) in Normandy, France. During those years the music spread out all over the world and it was downloaded hundreds of thousands times. All the videos and music is still downloadable in "demos". My music is available in one package with more than 3 hours of music. But there was more to tell about D-Day and beyond.