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At myjoom.com we are proud to be hosted by SiteGround.

SiteGround is the best Joomla hosting compagny!

Why? We believe that SiteGround is simply the number one Joomla choice for many reasons:


site protection

  • Furtermore, SiteGround's custom tailored shared hosting environment isolates the different hosting accounts from one another, providing you levels of security which are typical of the more expensive dedicated hosting solutions.

single vulnerability

  • SiteGround's security team keeps a close eye on security developments and monitors servers round the clock, quickly applying server wide fixes to newly discovered vulnerabilities.

major vulnerability

  • Finally, with SiteGround you have full control over your site's backups, which are taken every day: You can access and manage any backup at any time.

Case Study - Myjoom.com

In august 2013 a Joomla security hole was discovered, we did not update fast enough (by siteGround, the updates are automated and customisable), and our site was silently infected. In the middle of september,  the hacker was awakened and began 'playing' with the site contents.  Our backups were all infected or too old because our previous host make 1 backup a day but would only save one backup each month (with siteGround you can access and manage backups, full control). This is the reason we changed to siteGround, but since then we discovered many more reasons to do so, and we are very happy to be with them.


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Case Study - Sobipro

Daniel Kanchev, Senior Technical Support Engineer at SiteGround and known as a Joomla! performance specialist, tested SobiPro versions 1.0 and 1.1 with a database of 100.000 SobiPro entries.

His conclusion: "The new version of SobiPro is great and it works much faster. We can host small-medium SobiPro sites on our servers without any issues. We can also create custom VPS solutions for big SobiPro sites".

Joomla! and SobiPro run much faster when hosted by SiteGround. They achieve this amazing speed increase thanks to a special server architecture, multiple server locations, and their unique Joomla caching mechanism.


SiteGround's Joomla installations simply manage to run faster than it's competitors. Benchmark test reveals the following:

hosting benchmark

nicholasIn the words of Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos Founder & Lead Developer of Akeeba backup:

"You have the one of most optimized servers I've seen. Honestly! In order to get close to the same performance on my local machines I had to use an i5, 8GB RAM, SSD, Ubuntu Server and Nginx with PHP-FPM. You guys offer that on what is essentially shared hosting. My jaw dropped when I saw the performance :). Seeing where your competition is, you're 5-7 years ahead of most of them. You've certainly earned a top rank on my recommended hosts list."

How do they do this you might ask?

SiteGround joomla hosting achieves this amazing speed increase thanks to it's special server architecture, multiple server locations, and it's unique Joomla caching mechanism.

  • With three data centers in three continents as well as a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service in partnership with ClouFare that distributes your website to another 23 server locations worldwide, your visitors are guaranteed to be served the website from the closest possible location.

Joomla servers locations

  • With the help of SiteGround's own SuperCacher service which accelerates the website by caching content on three levels: Caching static content, caching results from database queries and/or caching dynamic content, thus delivering your website hundreds of times faster.



SiteGround loves Joomla. Their longtime dedication to the Joomla community is worthy of mention. That is why 80 000 Joomla installations have placed their trust in SiteGround's hands. From leading Joomla community members to regular Joomla users, SiteGround is recommended time and time again. Speaking of time, well that's one thing you will not need to waste when it comes to receiving support from SiteGround. Their response times are very impressive.


SiteGround's people are not only fast, they are also willing to share their knowledge and help you with your Joomla related issues more than any Joomla host out there, and at only a fraction of competitor prices. When the leading Joomla hosts' support team was asked about a database user problem and a request to install Virtuemart on their client's website this is what happened:

price and  support

The state of the art security setup, precisely tuned servers for high performance, friendly staff and great support at unbeatably low prices make SiteGround the best hosting company you can find for Joomla. Period.


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