Radius Search application

In this demo you can try the application by entering a radius center, and a distance.

Bellow you see the Sobipro main search page, and the radius search inputs just bellow the orange text. In the result list you will see a list of cities, and into the vCards the distance of the entry from the center point.

We used the mixed entry setting, you can enter any city, zip code, country or commercial names into the radius center (try to enter the commercial name "Europa park, Germany").

We dont filtered the entry to a country.

The directory contains about 100 entries on the world.

Enter a city or business into the radius search

Select a distance

Click search

A good sample is entering "Basel Switzerland", and a radius of 250 km.

Of course you can enter what center point you want, with a big radius value to have most chance to see results.

Try it !

Buenos AiresRadius search distance :
Country: Argentina Country
Population: 2891082 Population
Rio de JaneiroRadius search distance :
Country: Brazil Country
Population: 6323037 Population
SantiagoRadius search distance :
Country: Chile Country
Population: 4587665 Population
Sao PauloRadius search distance :
Country: Brazil Country
Population: 3565443 Population
BogotaRadius search distance :
Country: Colombia Country
Population: 6840116 Population
LimaRadius search distance :
Country: Peru Country
Population: 7605742 Population
CaracasRadius search distance :
Country: Venezuela Country
Population: 5905463 Population
CartagenaRadius search distance :
Country: Colombia Country
Population: 892545 Population
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Radius Search
Compatible with Geocode Factory
Compatibility with map module of Sobipro