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Sobipro Radius Search Application

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The Radius Search allows you to add a field into the native SobiPro search form to be able to add both centerpoint and radius distance criteria to the SobiPro search function.

It works in conjunction with - and is entirely integrated within - that form. You can search just by radius distance or with any combination of native SobiPro search criteria.

sobipro radius

The Radius Search Application is a native SobiPro Application (plugin) and fully integrated with and installed within SobiPro.

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Sobipro Nearby Entries Module

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nearby entries - hotelsSobipro Nearby Entries is a Joomla module that easily displays the nearest places (entries) in relation to the SobiPro entry you are currently browsing.

The nearby places to be shown can come from the same Sobipro section as the active entry or from a different section.

For example if the current entry is a museum page, using the “Sobipro Nearby Entries Module” you are able to show hotels in neighborhood or other accommodation entries located near the current museum.

This is a great tool which will make your website more efficient and enjoyable for your visitors.

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SobiPro Visit Card Application

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The MyJoom Visit Card Application is a native Sobipro application designed to allow users to be able to download a visit card in .vcf file format.

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