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Geocode Factory 3.3 is out

Geocode Factory 3.3 come with a lot of new features:

  • Dynamic radius, you can dynamically move and resize the radius on the map
  • The markers are redrawn very quickly
  • Select only published or unpublished entries
  • Possible to load empty map until the first radius search
  • CSS editor by map and by markerset
  • Multiple-bubble if multiple markers on same place
  • Dyncat generation of a dynamic list of existing categories

Geocode Factory component


Geocode Factory is a mapping component that allows you to display various types of Joomla! content on a Google Map. Geocode Factory can use data from Community builder (profiles), Jomsocial (profiles and Events), Sobi2, Mosets tree, SobiPro, Jevents, AdsManager, Joomla article, and GPS tools. The maps can be customized for each instance via templating and CSS and we provide many built in options like side bars, geolocation, radius parameters and many others!

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Data Form module

Geocode Factory - Data form module allow you to use the Radius search for the map on any page of the site, even there is no map on the page. Like here. The module will redirect the user on the map page with the selected radius.

How does it work?

What the heck is it? This article will explain the basics of the product. This is not a technical document or manual. The goal here is to explain the concept of how the component works and the Geocode Factory paradigm.

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Geocode Factory's features list

This listing contains all features of the Geocode Factory components and it's related products (all are presents in the zip package). There is many features, then it's possible we forgot some.

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Change log

1. Changelog


This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for

Geocode Factory.

Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports,code

fixes and wishes.


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Testimonials - Geocode Factory

About Geocode Factory I used a GF site that collects trekking trails, mountain biking, etc.. The geolocation is PERFECT, the component works perfectly and is also easy to use. Clear and comprehensive documentation. And, above all, a great technical support (thanks Rick!). I recommend it to everyone.
About Geocode Factory Thank you to Rick and this product, such good support and excellent features. Rick is such a reasonable person and makes time for his customers questions. Thank you for this. It's what makes all the difference in a commercial package. Cheers, Rick!
Tomasz Dziuda Had to upgrade and extend an existing google maps module due to GM v3 API. This component blew my mind. It works out of the box and integrates easily with all existing components like CB and Sobi. Regarding the support I can say it's excellent! Had an issue with a faulty zip file and a small bug, all sorted within half an hour. Very good experience!